Friday Slide: We Hear You, Adam Sessler

This week G4TV’s Adam Sessler took to his virtual soapbox to talk about iPhone games. Apparently he’s happy to ignore them, partly because there are too many of them with no way to discern the good from the bad, and too many that can barely be considered games. Adam, we’re here for you.

First of all, if you haven’t seen the video of Adam’s rant, here it is. Go ahead, you can watch the whole thing. We’ll just be waiting here patiently.

Oh, I’m sorry, we were just getting in a quick round of Knights Onrush while you watched that video. See, since we’ve got our iPhone on us at every possible moment, we tend to take advantage of the few spare minutes of non-stimulation by popping into a game. Conventional handhelds like the PSP and DS might be more single-mindedly committed to gaming than the iPhone, but they don’t end up in our pockets or backpacks nearly as often.

This is reason number one for why iPhone gaming is poised to take over other handhelds. Besides using it to look up websites and play crossword puzzles (which totally count as a game, by the way) Adam doesn’t feel like there are enough actual gaming experiences that stand out on the iDevice to warrant his attention, even though he’s got it with him all the time.

That’s where Slide to Play comes in. Sure, there are literally dozens of new games coming every day, but most of them are not worth your time or attention (if you want, you can follow these new releases on our App page). Every week also brings new must-play games for the iPhone. Just this week we saw some significant big-name titles launch. Reign of Swords 2, Rolando 2, and Doom Resurrection all sprang to life on the App Store, and each is worth considering if you like strategy, platform, or shooter games.

Our games page in Slide to Play 2.0 sorts our most recent reviews and updated titles, and you can further sort them by very specific genres like First Person Shooter, Action RPG, or Internet Multiplayer. If you haven’t gotten acquainted with our new organizing tools, check out Steve’s introductory tour of our new features.

As for those non-game games, the baby shakers and other assorted crap, well, you won’t see them covered here. We’re very much committed to the traditional notion of a videogame. While we see lots of variations on familiar genres, we’re also going to warn you about the quick novelty cash-ins, like ports of online Flash time-wasters. These may be amusing, but they won’t keep you entertained for long, and we probably won’t be fully reviewing them like real games.

Adam, we hear you. We promise, there are enough high-quality games (game-games, not “interactive entertainment”) to thoroughly amuse a TV videogame journalist like yourself. Yes, we use our iPhone for non-gaming purposes too, but we also think this is where some of the most creative developments in all of gaming are occurring. Read your online newspapers with the device– we do too– but don’t forget to load up a hidden gem like Must.Eat.Birds. every once in a while.

Andrew Podolsky is the Managing Editor of Slide to Play.

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