Friday Slide: Some Of Our Favorite Articles

Yesterday was Slide To Play’s third birthday, and it got us thinking about our favorite articles from over the years. The STP editorial team put together this list of some of our favorite stories– everything from art-tracing to movie tie-ins and presidential politics.

Friday Slide: The iPhone Gamer’s Bill of Rights

This one is a must-read for anyone serious about making or buying iPhone games. Though it’s an older post, from our first year, Conor’s multiple points about standardized features still holds up today. Plus, it perfectly summarizes why Slide To Play is here– to be an advocate for the App Store consumer and defend your interests.

iPad: Our First Impressions

In April 2010, the iPad launched and the tremors are still being felt today. Besides the obvious leap forward for portable entertainment, the potential for this device to change the way we work and learn is seismic. This article gives our staff’s first-blush impressions of the iPad, ranging from cool skepticism to Christmas Day-level excitement.

Art Tracing Alleged in Arena 9

In 2010, we received a preview demo of Arena 9, a freemium card-battling game from Humble Gaming. After we posted screenshots from the game, our readers alerted us that they were awfully similar to illustrations by Falcoon, a famous videogame artist. Sure enough, when we put the two illustrations side by side, they matched up perfectly– clear evidence of art-tracing, a form of plagiarism. Humble Gaming fessed up (somewhat), but we think blowing the lid off of this story with the help of our readers was one of our proudest moments.

Slide To Play Podcast #56: Comic-Con 2010 Round Up

One of the personal highlights of working for Slide To Play was getting to interview Elvira, Mistress of the Dark at Comic-Con last year. Elvira’s an entertainment legend, and even though she didn’t know too much about iPhone games, she still answered all of our goofy questions with a big smile. This podcast episode also contains interviews with the guys from Penny Arcade, PvP, Pocket God, Battle Bears, Disney, and Telltale Games, making it one of our best yet.

Kick-Ass: The Game Review

Movie tie-in games are the best, aren’t they? They usually arrive on the App Store with little or no pre-release hype, because the movie studios are already doing all the advertising for the film itself. As a result, the game can end up being a marketing afterthought, designed solely to inflate the box-office gross. The most egregious movie game we’ve reviewed is Kick-Ass: The Game, an utterly broken twin-stick shooter that felt like it was cobbled together over a weekend. If you’re looking for our favorite negative review, this is the one.

Friday Slide: Obama and Jobs Off The Record

Occasionally, we’ll veer outside of the world of videogame news and dabble in business and politics. The epic meeting between Steve Jobs and Barack Obama last year sparked debate about what, exactly, the two discussed. Our hummingbird-sized spy drones picked up the full audio, which we transcribed for you in our revealing (and tongue-in-cheek) expose.

The Top 50 Games of 2010

This feature had to be massive– there’s simply no way to represent one amazing year in iPhone gaming with a top 10 or even a top 20 list. We carefully combed through a year’s worth of reviews– about 700 or so– and chose only the very best Must Have and Game of the Month games for this guide. Purchase anything on this list, and we’re certain you’ll love it.

Friday Slide: Don’t Fear The Vita

We had no idea the firestorm we were inviting when we compared the PS Vita to the iPhone 4 at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles. Our hands-on with Sony’s upcoming portable raised questions for us, like: Who needs a touchscreen on the back? And, are people still willing to pay $40 for a portable game? With 85 comments, our readers were quick to escalate the lively debate spurred by this editorial.

If you’ve got a favorite story from our archives, let us know in the comments.

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