Friday Slide: Best Wishes For 2011

In the final Friday Slide of 2010, I wanted to turn things over to some of the members of our hard-working staff to share their favorite memories of 2010, and their best wishes for our readers in 2011.

First, my favorite moments of 2010. I want to share two professional highlights: Interviewing entertainment idol Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (ostensibly about iPhone games, but really it was just an excuse to get within gawking distance) and hosting a panel at GDC Austin with editors from IGN Wireless and 148 Apps.

My thanks to all of you: It’s been a remarkable year for Slide To Play– we launched a new iPad website, an iPhone app, and attended trade shows and press events in San Francisco, Paris, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Austin. We couldn’t do it without your support, readers, so thanks so much for being here every day!

Now, without further ado, a few words from our staff.

Steve Palley, Founder and CEO:

My favorite iPhone gaming-related memory from 2010 was attending E3 with the STP crew and actually enjoying it for the first time! I’ve always loathed that particular show for its blend of blasted LA summer heat, stupefyingly dumb marketing ploys (this year’s clear winner: a North Korean taco truck to promote the console FPS Homeland), and ear-splitting ambient noise… but riding shotgun with Andrew, Robert, and Shawn was tons of fun. Not only was it a much needed break after my first year of grad school, it reminded me that we’ve got something pretty good going on here at STP. No small thanks to Apple and all of the great developers who have made the iDevices a force to be reckoned with in gaming, of course!

I want to wish all of our readers the very best in 2011. I’ve said this many times, but it bears repeating: everything that we do here at STP, we do for you, and we wouldn’t be here without your support. If you like what we’ve done so far, just wait– you ain’t seen nothing yet! Thank you and have an awesome New Year!

Chris Reed, Senior Editor:

If there’s one trend we’ve seen in the short history of iOS gaming, it’s that– to quote the Beatles– it’s getting better all the time. From the early days of 2008, when developers big and small started testing the waters to see what the iPhone could do, to the following years when they dived in head-first and haven’t looked back. There’s no reason 2011 won’t continue the trend of bigger, better-looking games from even more developers.

But Apple’s going to get some serious competition in the handheld arena this year in the form of Nintendo’s 3DS and PlayStation’s PSP 2 and/ or PlayStation Phone. As I always say, any time game companies compete, the real winners are the gamers. So here’s to one more year of iOS developers pushing the envelope and continuing to make terrific games for casual and core gamers alike. Happy gaming in 2011!

Tim Rattray, Associate Editor:

2010 was the best year for iPhone games. Many will say this was inevitable, but I feel differently. The iPhone is a budding platform and interest in it could go down the drain any day, especially with the rising competition from Android. However, it held its ground and gained heaps more. From the launch of the iPad to Unreal Engine 3 and small indie gems such as Space Miner, every moment of this year was super exciting. I simply can’t think of any other facet of gaming that has been as exciting as the iPhone this year.

My most memorable experience this year actually has to do with stepping away from iPhone gaming for a little over a month. Yes, I’m talking about the majority of November and December. In this time I played no new games nor did I regularly check what had come out. Upon returning, I felt completely lost. A few weeks later and I’m just starting to feel caught up. This made me think: if I wrote about games on any other platform and took a step away like I did from iPhone gaming, would there still be that same gap?

Absolutely not. Sure, one factor in this is that releases are announced far in advance for traditional platforms, but it still doesn’t make a difference when it comes to the quantity of quality titles pouring onto the App Store. And I’m not just talking the big franchises here. They play a huge part in the scheme of things, but in my mind indie developers ruled 2010 and will continue to rule 2011.

From all the games made into mega-hits by Chillingo to Bolt Creative’s Pocket God moving to different mediums and Backflip Studios releasing hit after hit, you can’t deny that the iPhone is the best place to be for an indie developer right now. These are just some of the stories that have happened thus far, and a tiny speck of what I believe we will see in the coming years.

So, readers, stand tall, hold your head high, and be proud of iPhone gaming. We are embarking on another exciting adventure and no console-hugging naysayers can stop us. Bring on 2011.

Yi Chen, Community Manager:

For me, 2010 began with a shattered iPhone screen. A goat had smashed into it while I was on a remote farm. However, having such a low benchmark to kick off the year, it only got better from there. It’s been great to be involved on the fan-side of things at STP. The readers and fans have really made my role that much more enjoyable. I hope to interact with more of our fans in 2011 and make our community even more vibrant. Of course, you can definitely expect more giveaways too.

Riordan Frost, Contributor:

My favorite memory of 2010 is the day I gave a full-length solo voice recital, followed closely by the time that I successfully defended my honors thesis. In both cases I felt that I had climbed an academic mountain, and in both cases I came down the other side by playing video games until my eyes felt like the Gobi Desert. All the best to all of our readers and your families for the new year! Enjoy it – I hear bad things are on the way for 2012.

And on that happy note, Happy New Year, everybody!

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