Friday Slide: Best Week Ever

In the two and a half years of the App Store’s existence, we’ve never seen a week of game releases like this one. Dozens of major console brands and iPhone originals materialized overnight to the delight of iOS gamers around the world. Screw the Beatles– for us, December 16, 2010 is the day of the iTunes event we’ll never forget.

Why Thursday? According to some sources, developers are trying to get Apple’s attention right before Apple updates its editorial lists on the App Store. New and Noteworthy and What’s Hot lists are the only editorial control Apple has over the flood of new games that are released every week.

Add in the fact that Christmas is around the corner, and developers want high visibility for when new customers come into the App Store with gift cards from their stockings hung over the fire with care. The result is a perfect storm of game releases, or maybe what happens when three perfect storms converge to make a Flawless, Epic Storm.

Think we’re exaggerating? Check out this list of brand new iOS games from one unbelievable day this week, with links to our reviews or previous coverage.

Console and PC brands

World of Goo

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Broken Sword 2

Altered Beast

Sonic Spinball

Monkey Island Tales 1 HD

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

iOS originals

Real Racing 2


Shadow Guardian

Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD

Dungeon Defenders

Geared 2

Hook Worlds

Pocket God: Journey to Uranus


And that’s just the notable releases from one day. Earlier this week we also saw the release of 7th Guest and Riven: The Sequel to Myst, and last week even more big games like Infinity Blade, Eternal Legacy, and Dungeon Hunter 2.

The App Store star is burning so brightly that it’s become a sun. To stare at it for too long is to go blind, and develop callouses on your thumbs at the same time.

Apple has, perhaps unknowingly, unleashed a Pandora’s Box of videogames, with all the world’s console developers, mobile developers, Flash developers, and indie developers all flying around and causing chaos. Fun, fun chaos.

We’re still working through our reviews of a lot of these games, giving you our best advice about which ones are worth your precious dollars, and which ones are just a waste. Weeks like this make us happy to be iOS reviewers.

Andrew Podolsky is the Editor in Chief of Slide To Play

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