Freeverse Suffers Massive Layoffs

iOS/Mac game developer Freeverse Inc. has been hit hard by layoffs. According to reports by TouchArcade, Freeverse’s New York-based staff of 30 might be down to seven. Freeverse was started up nearly 20 years ago as a company that specialized in designing Mac-based shareware. It also designed iOS and Xbox Live Arcade games before publisher Ngmoco bought it two years ago. Ngmoco, in turn, was swallowed up by DeNA in 2010.

Freeverse’s landscape was a little unsettled even before the layoffs. Last week the company’s founders and awesome brother-brother team, Colin Lynch Smith and Ian Lynch Smith, departed the company with some key staff. The remainder of the group is currently being led by Nathan Camarillo, who was an executive producer at Crytek before joining the Freeverse team in 2011.

Warpgate HD by Freeverse

“Today we have organized Freeverse into a focused team, building on a foundation of talent from the studio in NY,’ Ngmoco studios VP Clive Downie told Gamasutra in a statement. ‘Unfortunately this means we have had to say goodbye to some people. We thank everyone who has contributed to DeNA and Freeverse over the years and wish those moving on the very best.”

Freeverse Inc. has produced some pretty awesome iOS games including Warpgate HD and Parachute Ninja. All the best to the cut members of the team.

[Gamasutra via Touch Arcade]

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