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Freeverse Launches Subscription-Based MMO CastleCraft for iPad

Prolific mobile developer Freeverse has officially launched CastleCraft, its first MMORPG for the iPad. The app itself is available without charge but comes via a number of subscription based packages for those eager to become king of their own kingdoms.

Developed by new studio Infinite Lives, CastleCraft is available for one month at $4.99, three months for $5.99 and a whole year for $12.99.

Freeverse has opted to follow a different path from the freemium likes of We Rule–but it also promises much in terms of gameplay, as the game adopts a more consummate-cum-hardcore approach than some of its more mainstream rivals.

With actual combat handled by the computer, players can build units of troops (16 different military units joined by 16 other resource and technology-based units) before sending them off into battle.

But CastleCraft doesn’t solely focus on warfare. Like many MMOs, diplomacy also has a part to play. Freeverse states that players may wish to form strategic alliances to enable them to expand their empire rather than simply marching on enemy cities.

Those with a little extra money can also pay for “Dragon Crystals,” enabling them to construct magical buildings or power special units.

Three other forms of DLC are also available; the Clarion Horn pack allows world chat, the Obelisk pack lets players place an obelisk on the map with a message on it, and the Obelisk Destroyer pack allows purchasers to destroy an obelisk another player has placed.

With Plus+ integration on board, Freeverse has also confirmed CastleCraft will hit iPhone and iPod Touch in the near future.

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