Free Today: Snoticles

When we put together these Free Today articles, we try to find at least five quality games that you can download for free. This week, developers seem to be all out of holiday generosity, so we can’t say that there are too many discounts today that are worth your time. However, there is at least one: Adult Swim’s Snoticles.


In Snoticles, you play as a bodily by-product that has to cause chain reactions among black, gooey blobs. You do this by launching projectiles upwards, Bust-A-Move-style. You have four different Snoticles to choose from, with charming names like Snot and Zit, but Adult Swim has never been one to shy away from gross-out humor in games like Amateur Surgeon 2.

Download for free today!

Don’t forget, you can still download Monster Trucks Nitro 2 for free this week. It’s a Must Have game, so pick it up if you haven’t yet! Plus, download our free GameFinder app and you can find the best free games every day of the week.

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