Free to Play: Game Recommendations for May 6

Hey! It’s May! Happy day! New free games are blossoming along with the leaves and flowers, and we’re giving you a heads-up on some of the best titles available. This week’s recommendations include a skiing ogre, a candy-eating chameleon, and  a certain robot unicorn who’s dying to run with you. Oh, and Draw Something is back. Something about begging for your forgiveness.



You’ve heard of a karma chameleon. Now shake clamps with a candy chameleon. CandyMeleon is a reflex-action game that puts you in the skin of a chameleon and challenges you to scarf down as much candy as possible. It comes flying at you pretty fast and thick, so stay on your cute little lizard toes. Luckily, you can gulp down hot peppers to throw your eating habit into overdrive. CandyMeleon is a lot of fast-paced fun that’s accented with cute, colorful graphics—kind of like how a chocolate bar can be accented by a caramel center, yes?

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Robot Unicorn Attack 2


If you’ve yet to play Robot Unicorn Attack by Adult Swim Games, it’s time to throw off the shackles of our stifling corporate life and embrace your chrome-plated dreams. Robot Unicorn Attack plays twice as well as its predecessor, and it looks as gorgeous as a double rainbow. You can also “run” for a team and grab daily bonuses if your team comes out on top. Best of all, if you have a little pocket change, you can add to the game’s soundtrack. Everyone knows “Neverending Story” is the only music epic enough to accompany a gallop on a unicorn.

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Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube?


Peter Molyneux’s social experiment is coming to an end. By the end of the month, we’ll know what’s inside the cube that millions of players have been chipping away at for six months. We hope it’s nougat. Either way, Molyneux promises that the discover will be “life changing,” so download Curiosity and start tapping away. If you’re going to be remembered for something in your life, better for unraveling this secret instead of that time you wound up sleepwalking through a golf course in your underwear.

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Now that summer is coming, Snowgre may be the perfect action game to cool you off. It plays a good deal like Tiny Wings, which might be a detriment for some—but it’s admittedly still fun to make snowgre dip and soar like a mighty (hefty) eagle.

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Draw Something 2 Free


Zynga dished out a lot of cash to buy the original Draw Something. When people gradually abandoned the game, it led to a lot of financial problems. That doesn’t mean Zynga is going to turn its back on the property, though, which is good because Draw Something 2 adds a lot of good stuff to the formula. There are lots of new colors and effects to fool around with, and you can check out an artist’s showcase for the very best of the game’s digital finger-painting.

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