Free to Play: Game Recommendations for May 20

It’s finally safe to say summer is here. Summer means travelling, which means a lot of time in queues for buses, planes, and trains. You can spend those hours staring at the sunburned bald patch on the gentleman in front of you, or you can play some free games. This week’s recommendations: Using bottlecaps as icebreakers, ninjas on the run, and exploding cats (don’t worry; they’re OK).

Hardest Game Ever 2


Hardest Game Ever 2 won’t challenge you as thoroughly as, say, Dark Souls for the PlayStation 3 or the demonic PC platformer I Wanna Be the Guy, but its collection of microgames will give you a run for your money nonetheless (hey, what money?—It’s free!). Hardest Game Ever 2 plays similarly to Nintendo’s WarioWare series. In other words, it’s reflex-based gaming that’s been fed ten pounds of sugar. You’ll have a good time, but the ride’s over pretty quickly.

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Bottle Cap Blitz


Pop. Fizz. Ahh. What’s summer without a few bubbly drinks? Bottle Cap Blitz is another twitch game that tests your reaction time, though it’s a little more laid back than Hardest Game Ever 2. The environment helps: Your avatar is kicking back on the beach with nothing on his mind except drinking pop and flicking the bottlecaps at inexplicably airborne ice cubes. Shatter two or more with one cap for a score multiplier. Bottle Cap Blitz demands quick movements, but it still manages to be relaxing.

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Do you know why cats have tails? They’re fuses (DISCLAIMER: NO THEY’RE NOT. DO NOT LIGHT YOUR CATS’ TAILS). BombCats is a new physics puzzle game that challenges you to launch and detonate cats in order to save the next generation of kittens. BombCats is fun, challenging, and of course it has the cutest widdle paws and widdlest, pinkest nose in the whole wide world, yes it does, yes it does.

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Ninja Slash


Ninja Slash is free for a limited time! In this great-looking endless runner, your katana blade will turn green with the goopy blood of a million zombies. Just whisk left or right to avoid pits, or slide to avoid enormous oni. Don’t worry about slashing: Your new ninja friend will handle that department.

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Pudding Monsters

We very much enjoyed ZeptoLab’s puzzle adventure Pudding Monsters, so we’re happy to see that it’s temporarily gone free-to-play! Now you can have your pudding without even having to eat your meat.

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