Free to Play: Game Recommendations for May 13

Welcome to this particularly bovine-heavy installment of Free to Play. This week, the bulls are on parade in Zynga’s Running With Friends, and the cows come home in I Am MT, a card-battling game that’s already a behemoth on Asia’s App Stores. Sometimes a cow’s gotta do more than just sit around and wait to become hamburger.

I Am MT: Card Battle


I Am MT is a card-battling game that plays quite a bit like Puzzles and Dragons, another free-to-play phenomenon. There’s no puzzle element in I Am MT, however, and the game also exists as a World of Warcraft parody.

The story involves a tribe of bull-like creatures that are being threatened by a powerful darkness. Your hero is obviously meant to be a jab at World of Warcraft’s Tauren race, but the big, gooey eyes make your cows look like they’d be home in South Park. I Am MT is fast-paced, is generous about handing out energy, and is just bizarre overall.

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It’s Tanks!


What is it? It’s Tanks! It’s Tanks! is an artillery-firing game in the same vein as Worms Armageddon or Gunbound. It might be familiar, but it’s still up for giving you a good time. It’s also easy to play with a friend thanks to its pass-and-play feature. If your friends have all gone MIA, however, you can play with opponents online.

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Mushroom Wars (Update)


The highly popular and highly addictive real-time strategy game Mushroom Wars recently received a big update. Now you can engage up to three other players in an all-out struggle for supremacy. Why can’t we all just get along? Oh, right. Because it’s fun to clash with your pals.

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Running With Friends


Running With Friends is an endless runner from Zynga. Instead of being chased by temple-guarding monkeys, however, your life depends on outrunning a herd of angry bulls. When you think about it, crafting an endless runner around the Running Of the Bulls makes a heck of a lot of sense.

It’s tempting to dismiss Running With Friends as yet another Temple Run ripoff, and frankly, if you’ve absolutely had it with the genre, you won’t find much of value here. But if you’re still into twitch gaming, Running With Friends is packed with running, jumping, and sliding. Technically, you’re supposed to play the game to beat your friends’ distances (hence “With Friends,”) but the real thrill comes from jumping on top of bulls’ backs.

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Sidewalker – Late to Work


If you live in a big city, then you probably know the sting of being made late for work by gawking tourists. Sidewalker – Late to Work is an “endless walker” that lets you get a bit of revenge. Stroll down the sidewalk, avoid taxis and businessmen, and plow into sidewalk-hogging tourists before your boss fires you for your tardiness. It’s like playing through the music video for Bittersweet Symphony.

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