Free to Play: Game Recommendations for March 27

It may be GDC this week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a breather to wind down and point out some great free-to-play fare. This week: Penguins at war, Dragon City comes to iOS, and evolving aliens by way of sliding puzzles. Also, make sure you enlist to smack a clown in the face with a tennis ball. It’s your duty as a human being.

Crazy Penguin Wars: Tiny Duels


You’ve engaged in turn-based artillery battles with worms. Maybe you’ve even shot at your friends online from the comfort of your very own insect tanks, courtesy of Gunbound. Now penguins are demonstrating that wriggling, slimy invertebrates aren’t the only members of the animal kingdom that can put the hurt on one another. Crazy Penguin Wars: Tiny Duels is more or less a clone of the Worms series, but it’s still fun to match yourself up against some random internet person just to blow them away. For the Antarctic!

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Alien Hive


In Alien Hive, you are the “Exhalted One,” and your job is to evolve intelligent alien life from primitive bio-forms. No pressure. The game is a Match-3 puzzler (you need to match up three life forms in order to evolve them), but moving blocks around feels much more like fiddling with a sliding puzzle. Either way, the cute graphics and relaxing music make for a nice experience.

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Dragon City


Are you a fan of the hit Facebook game Dragon City? Well, now you can take your dragons out on the road (be sure to curb them). Dragon City for iOS plays a great deal like the excellent DragonVale, but there are a couple of important differences. First, you can access the menagerie you built up on Facebook via your iOS device, and vice-versa. Second, you can use Facebook to battle your drakes against your pals’. Fire and Blood.

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Clowns in the Face


Maybe you’ve already played 10tons’ awesome Tennis in the Face, but the evil minds behind the Explodz brand of energy drink never rest. Now clowns are on the loose in this free-to-play spinoff of Tennis in the Face. Your duty is clear: Use your tennis racquet to serve up fuzzy green justice to the big-shoed menaces. Question: Has anyone, anywhere, ever found clowns amusing?

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Breaking Blocks


Breaking Blocks is a top-down 3D take on classic line-clearing games like Tetris. All you need to do is line up blocks of the same color and watch them disappear. The system works. What makes Breaking Blocks particularly fun is that you get to pull a lever to drop your blocks. You can pretend you’re working overtime at the Block Factory.

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