Free to Play: Game Recommendations for March 18

We’ve slid past the middle of March; in video game terms, you might say that we’ve hit a checkpoint. However you choose to regard the progression of the month, it’s safe to say that free games are a welcome addition to your iOS device all month, every month. This week, our recommendations include heroes, knaves, and a tiny T-Rex with a huge god complex.

Eat Eat Hooray!


The Easter season is coming, so celebrate stuffing your face. Eat Eat Hooray! bundles rescue, exploration, and town-building into one adorable little game. You play as a pudgy being called a “Morp,” and your main talent is gobbling everything in your path. Your chubby li’l stomach is your only weapon in your quest to dig deep into the earth and save your Morp pals from the dastardly (and insecure) dinosaur wizard Rexputin. Eat Eat Hooray! is cute and offers plenty to do without throwing you up against a paywall.

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Twin Swords


Twin Swords is an action/RPG that stars two brothers on a quest to save their kidnapped sister from an evil wizard (evil wizards appear to be in style this Spring). It plays much like a Legend of Zelda title, though you control both brothers as they journey across the realm and whack down any baddies that get in their way. Twin Swords sports simple graphics (the brothers look like refugees from South Park), but it’s an enjoyable romp, and it boasts a pretty cool soundtrack. It’s free for a limited time, so grab it now.

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The Croods


Rovio has put together a video game adaptation of Dreamworks’ The Croods, which is coming to theatres on March 22. The movie is set in the prehistoric era of hunting and gathering, and so is the game. You must build up your village, tame animals, harvest resources, and try not to get swallowed whole by a direwolf. The Croods is much like other city building/item harvesting games available on the App Store, but it looks good, plays decently, and will give you a jump-start on meeting the movie’s cast of characters (then you can be the coolest ten-year-old on the block!).

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Castle Champions


Tiny Tower is a brilliant tower-building game, but it’s missing one feature: The ability to spear your enemies. Castle Champions features the same room-building and elevator-operating mechanics that are now native to countless iOS games, but it’s admittedly fun to be able to train your squires to kick some armored buttocks when invaders get too close to your Home Sweet Home.

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Crushin’ Robots—NYC


Are you a bad enough dude to fight off a robot invasion? Find out with Crushin’ Robots—NYC, a simple but fun action game. You play as a construction worker who’s perched high up on a skyscraper and is therefore in a perfect position to rain terror down on robot invaders with your nail guns, wrenches, and propane tanks. It’s not clear where these hostile robots are coming from, but Canada is a good bet.

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