Free to Play: Game Recommendations for March 1, 2013

It’s March. Spoilers: This month tends to charge in like a lion and bound out like a lamb. But no matter how restless the weather is, there’s never a bad time for free games. This week: Build houses for the monsters that fight for you, dodge the po-po, and get ready to slip back into the trenches, Private.

Dr Jolt


Learning can be fun when exploding lightbulbs are involved. Dr Jolt is a puzzle game that lets you dabble with the power of electricity. You simply need to manipulate a current to light up all the bulbs on a board, though it’s trickier than it sounds thanks to the implementation of all kinds of extra items and do-dads. Dr Jolt is a unique and interesting puzzle game that’s sure to challenge you—and not every game lets you stick it to Zeus, right?

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Pangolin (Update)


Action-puzzler Pangolin was among our January 8 Free to Play recommendations, and for good reason. It’s still fun, unique, and filled with deadly traps (yes, deadly traps are a plus). Pangolin gets another mention because it recently received an iPad release, and because its “Exploration” level pack is free through March 2. If you fail to squeeze through the window, you can still access the first ten levels of Pangolin for free.

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 Trenches II


Ten-hut! It’s time to hit the dirt again, Soldier. Trenches II continues the world’s struggles through the Great War, and that means action, strategy, and holes, holes, holes. Dig shelters for your troops, upgrade them, dodge enemy fire, and manage your resources. When all else fails, bring in the Calvary.

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Heist and Run


You-Know-What the Police. Heist and Run is an endless driving game that casts you as a post-apocalyptic hero who’s forever on the run from The Man. You need to navigate dangerous traffic, collect coins, buy upgrades, and (this is really important) swerve just in time to make the copper on your tail bash into another car. Heist and Run is shallow, but undeniably fun.

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Beastie Bay


Beastie Bay plays a little like Pokemon, except you don’t get to zap your pets back into Pokeballs when the fight is over. No, you need to build little homes for your pals—and they’re demanding little cusses (but oh, so adorable). Beastie Bay is an interesting mix of role-playing, town-building, and exploration.

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