Free to Play: Game Recommendations for June 4, 2013

Suddenly, June. Are you making the trip to E3 this year? If so, you’re going to need to stock up on awesome free games for those inevitable waits in the security queue. This week’s recommendations include a new offering from puzzle master Alexey Pajitnov, war between ducks and beavers, and the exploits of a certain spiky-haired lawyer.

Phoenix Wright


Objection!—No, wait—no objection! Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is on iOS. The high-definition collection puts the first three Nintendo DS adventure games in your pocket for a fraction of the price they’d cost you on eBay. You can buy each case individually, or all three games for $16.99, but you can also access the first two cases from the first game for zero dollars. Should be enough to get you hooked on justice.

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Monster Blade HD


Time to cut up some monster hides in glorious HD. This action RPG takes cues from Capcom’s hugely popular Monster Hunter series , so you can expect lots of battles against dragons that dwarf your puny human frame. You can also team up with friends when you go on hunts. Monster Blade HD offers satisfying action in addition to its cool high-definition monster designs.

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Space Dots Extreme


Connect dots—in space. Space Dots Extreme challenges you to draw a line between some numbered squares placed on a grid. Sounds easy enough for your dog to accomplish, at least until you realize that you’re supposed to fill in every square on the grid, too. Simple. Addictive. Good luck.

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How many years of your life has veteran game designer Alexey Pajitnov stolen with Tetris? Maybe it’s best not to think about it. Instead, trade one addiction for another (or just supplement one with another) with his first iOS exclusive, Marbly. In Marbly, you move game pieces around until they connect with a satisfying “click.” All the while, a simple but compelling tune plays in the background. Uh oh. This is all very familiar…

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