Free to Play: Game Recommendations for June 26 2013

In this stupid-hot weather, you belong in only one place: Under the sea. Unfortunately, seaside vacations are expensive, unless you go ahead and download a free game that’ll whisk you to the briny deep immediately—and, as a bonus, grant you the opportunity to hit sharks in the face. Also up for grabs this week: Games that run on fizzy drinks, and puzzles doled out by pirates.

Quadropus Rampage


Don’t be fooled: An octopus with four tentacles can kick as much butt as one with eight. In fact, all the suction-lined appendages in the world isn’t a match for one that’s equipped with a killer tennis raquet. Quadropus Rampage is a roguelike adventure game that plunges you into the depths of the sea in pursuit of a mad sea god. Its intense action and wicked sense of humor make it a must-download.

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Puzzle Pirates (iPad)


Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho. The hugely popular social puzzle game Puzzle Pirates has come to iPad. Join up with friends and match wits. True facts: Pirates weren’t really into all that cannonball stuff. They preferred battling each other with visual puzzles and brainteasers (“Why couldn’t the pirate get into the movie? It was rated Arrrrr”).

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League of Evil 2


League of Evil 3 is around the corner, and to prepare, Ravenous Games is giving away League of Evil 2 for a limited time. League of Evil 2 is a solid 2D platforming game that offers lots of running, jumping, climbing, and other acrobatics. Evil scientists around the world are teaming up to create a wretched League of Evil. You must punch them all into giblets before that happens.

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Kingturn RPG Plus


If you’re up for some bloody battles and micromanagement, Kingturn RPG Plus is the turn-based strategy RPG for you. Take up arms as different warrior classes, then plunge into a country that’s being torn apart by civil war. Kingturn RPG Plus lets you play several scenarios for free, then you can decide if you want to dish out $3.99 for the rest.

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Fizzy Factory


Just in time for summer, we’ve got Fizzy Factory – a puzzle game that runs on gallons and gallons of sweetened carbonated beverage. Fizzy Factory is an addictive line-drawing game that challenges you to direct streams of pop – or soda, if you like – to where they need to go. It’s fun, delicious, and highly caffeinated.

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