Free to Play: Game Recommendations For June 17, 2013

Still feeling a little drained from E3? Maybe you’ve even picked up a mysterious new bug courtesy of all those shared controllers, smartphones, and tablets? Relax with some free games. This week, we’ll slow things down with a few word game recommendations, and then we’ll speed things up again with a jog through a factory/lab that’s teeming with danger.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush


Gru’s minions, arguably the life and soul of the Despicable Me movies, are all desperate to become the Employee of the Month. All they have to do to gain the coveted title is run a race—and survive. Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a surprisingly high-quality endless running game that features great graphics and some interesting gameplay quirks, including shifting camera angles and boss fights.

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Slang ‘n’ Friendz


Hey cat, I’ll clue you into this groovy gig that cooks. Or something. If the “hip” branch of your vocabulary is somewhat lacking, this Scrabble-style word game might help. Score big points for spelling slang words from Canada, Australia, and Britain. Slang ‘n’ Friendz scores you for slang words that date back to the ‘50s, so your un-cool mom and dad can play with you, too!

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Splinter Cell Blacklist Spider-Bot


Spider-Bot, Spider-Bot, does whatever a Spider-Bot does. This Splinter Cell spin-off lets you control a spider-bot through several top-down mazes. You must gather glowing pieces of “intel” in order to open up the exit, but you’re not going to succeed that easily: There are traps and enemy robots everywhere. Spider-Bot is as easy to learn (and almost as addictive) as Pac-Man.

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Improve your vocabulumary with iLetterz. You’re handed a definition, and your job is to correctly spell out the word behind the definition. Sounds easy, right? Quick! Three-letter word for a small, domesticated feline! Yeah, not so simple, is it?

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Triviality is a multiple choice trivia game that plays quite a bit like the classic Trivial Pursuit. The questions reach across multiple categories, including pop culture, geography, biology, and lots more. You can play with your friends (or strangers) via Wi-Fi, engage in pass-and-play, or opt to play alone—but you already know you’re a genius, so where’s the fun in that?

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