Free to Play: Game Recommendations For June 11, 2013

E3 week brings us tons of games, but the hustle and bustle leaves us with little time to actually play games of any kind. It’s the greatest of ironies (we checked with, uh, Socrates or something). That said, you should never pass up a chance to play some good free titles. This week’s recommendations include dungeons that plunge into the bowels of the earth, bouncy sheep puzzles, and dozens of stupid deaths.

Deep Dungeons of Doom


Bossa Studios’ action-RPG takes you down, down, down to dank dungeons inhabited by unspeakable creatures. Deep Dungeons of Doom features graphics rendered in a retro 8-bit style, in addition to chiptune music. Its simple one-button gameplay will whisk you back to a time when heroes were heroes, dungeons were dungeons, and slimes really wanted to kill you for some reason.

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Skiing Fred


What would you do if the Grim Reaper beckoned to you and called your name? One suggestion is to get the heck out of Dodge. Skiing Fred is a snowboarding game that revolves around one young boy’s flight from the Angel of Death. Hah hah, Death can’t chase you with those goofy robes of his!—oh crap. Wait. Yes he can. Collect coins, execute stunts, and go for the wildest snow ride since you tried to outrun that crazy yeti on SkiFree.

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Dumb Ways to Die


Dumb ways to die. So many dumb ways to die. Dumb Ways to Die initially started out as a half-cute, half-gory music video put forth by Melbourne’s Metro Trains last year. The object of the video is to remind you about the importance of train safety—but it works well for karaoke, too. The Dumb Ways to Die game is a collection of WarioWare-style games that tasks you with pulling adorable cartoon characters away from death. It’s gross and adorable.

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Legacy of a Thousand Suns


5th Planet brings another text-based adventure to iOS (as well as PC) with Legacy of a Thousand Suns, a sci-fi story about loot and war. You can team up with your friends and push back against the forces of evil. Help Princess Illaria. You’re her only hope.

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Sheep Up!


Sheep bounce real good. Sheep Up! is an action-puzzle game that stars a very buoyant toy sheep. If you manage to safely guide Mr Sheep past pits and traps, you’re allowed to move on to trickier stages. Sheep Up! features tilt and touch controls. Hint: Touch the sheep. It’s best.

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