Free to Play Game Recommendations for July 25, 2013

Hot enough for ya? Guess what: It can get hotter. Think really hot. Like, “the fire of a thousand suns” hot. That’s what you’ll contend with in Nuclear Outrun, one of this week’s free-to-play recommendations. Also on the menu: Naughty vampire children that hate bed time, and monkeys at war.

Nuclear Outrun


Nuclear war has ended the world, and there’s  a final nuke descending on the horizon that’s certain to finish off the lingering remnants of humanity—including you. Nuclear Outrun is an endless driving/shooting game that challenges you to pick up survivors, gather weapons, and try and reach safety before the Big One goes off. Thing is, the world is now inhabited by zombies wearing afro wigs. You sure you want to stay alive?

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Le Vamp


Le Vamp is an adorable endless runner that puts you in the frock of a vampire child who wants to make mischief in lieu of going to bed. The villagers are mega-mad as a consequence, and they’re after you with the traditional torches and pitchforks. You must sustain the little vamp by tossing him blood pigs as he runs, and you must also interact with the environment around him to keep his run as safe as possible. If you lose, it’s back to bed—and vampire naps tend to go on for centuries. Le Vamp is free for a limited time, so grab it while you can. Check out our review.

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Bloons TD Battles


The excellent Bloons tower defense games successfully combine strategy, balloons, and monkeys. Bloons TD Battles delivers more of the same (does anyone object to more monkeys? Didn’t think so), but this time you’re up against real-world opponents. You can choose to take a defense stance against your attackers, or you can opt to chuck a variety of deadly balloons at their front lines.

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Cosmic Clean-Up


The universe is a trashy place. Do something about it. Cosmic Clean-Up is an action game that puts you in a tiny spacecraft and orders you to break up space debris. You do so by winding around asteroids, clouds, etc, with your long tail of thruster flame. Erasing huge rocks with fire doesn’t make much scientific sense, but let’s face it, it’s fun to do.

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Regular cross word puzzles are all right, but CrossMyWord takes the unique step of allowing you to make up your own puzzles and clues. Sure, you can laugh about making your friend guess at some ridiculous, obscure animal, but be warned: You’re going to have to make your own guesses sooner or later, and revenge can be sweet.

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