Free to Play: Game Recommendations for April 8

April showers may bring on May flowers, but they also bring on lots of extra indoor time. Never a bad thing if you’re into games, right? Particularly free games. This week, we take a look at an online fantasy MMORPG, indulge in the latest from the studio that brought you You Don’t Know Jack, and feel the earth move as DC’s titanic heroes duke it out.  

Injustice: Gods Among Us


Mighty superheroes—the titular Gods Among Us—fight evil so that we mortals don’t have to deal with anything more horrifying than some idiot’s shoddy parking job at the local food market (and the occasional Scarecrow gas attack, since Arkham Asylum’s revolving door system is a joke). Gods Among Us is a collectable card/fighting game that lets you take up the fight alongside your favorite heroes and bad guys. The swipe-based controls are a breeze to master.

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Tribe Survival


How did the ancient tribes do battle on the sun-baked plains and dripping jungles of yesteryear? If Tribe Survival is anything to go by, they rolled dice. Tribe Survival isn’t historically accurate: Do not use it as a reference in an essay or thesis. However, it’s a fun dice/strategy game that lets you beat up rival tribespeople, and the gods themselves. You can train, collect totem parts, and generally find lots to do to keep yourself busy for a while.

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Lie Swatter


What do you know about the sex life of the Amazon river dolphin? Better learn quick. Lie Swatter is a new game from Jellyvision Games (the folks behind You Don’t Know Jack) that challenges you to kill the lies in a list of questions, and spare the truth. It’s incredibly simple to play, it’s addictive, and hey, you may learn something.

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Zombie Blaster


Some days, you just gotta blast a zombie in the head. Zombie Blaster is a 3D shooter/survival game that puts several weapons in your hot little hands and instructs you to go to town. It’s pretty simple stuff, but compelling to play. That’s because you’re rewarded if your aim is especially true. Boom. Headshot.

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Dragon Eternity Online HD


This impressive cross-platform MMORPG is iPad only if you want to go mobile, but it’s a must have if you’re an MMORPG fan. Dragon Eternity Online lets you explore all kinds of terrain, including dungeons, caves, and robbers’ lairs. There are tons of tasks and mini-games to work your way through, plus you can ride a wolf—or a giant pangolin, if you’re ready to mix things up a bit. If you don’t have an iPad, you can play the game on a browser.

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