Free to Play: Game Recommendations For April 22

Winter may be over, but long waits in rambling supermarket lines never end. That’s why you need games. As many games as possible. Preferably, as many free games as possible. This week, we defend our home sweet home against orcs, we help post-apocalyptic monkeys go for a long run, and we shore up our defenses against dinosaur invaders. 

Dino Zone


When a group of scientists is zapped back to the Cretaceous period, they decide that it’d be prudent to protect themselves against the terrible lizards that rule the age. Dino Zone is a tower defense/action game that pits you against wave after wave of history’s most perfect killing machines. You need to set up and activate canons and traps, as well as thingamajiggers that suck up oil from the ground so you can keep on building. No wonder the dinosaurs are mad: Your war effort is being made possible through the liquefied bones of their first cousins.

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Bookworm Heroes


Bookworm Heroes is Popcap’s follow-up to the hugely popular Bookworm. Like its predecessor, Bookworm Heroes is a word-building game—but this time, words can hurt. Whenever you successfully spell something out, you launch an attack against your opponent. Bookworm Heroes has some pacing issues due to its free-to-play structure (starting new games requires coins, which can be hugely problematic if you’re paired up with someone who’s slow to respond), but there’s no denying that the core game is a lot of fun for word-nerds.

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Super Monkey Run


When the Apocalypse finally happens, only the monkeys will populate the ruins. Well, monkeys and weird-looking monster-things that may or may not have been responsible for the carnage. Super Monkey Run is an endless runner that switches between a 2D and 3D perspective, which gives the game a jolt of originality. But why, exactly, are you running through this cold, dead world? Why, to collect as many bananas as possible, of course. Why else?

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Colosseum Defense


A goblin invasion paralyzes a kingdom, and it’s up to a boy with a magic cannon to stop the foul beasts’ inexorable march. We’re not talking about a cannon that spits out some wussy iron balls, though. This cannon shoots knives, axes, and other projectiles capable of shaving the goblins down to strips of green jerky. Colosseum Defense combines tower defense with simple shooting mechanics, making it a simple and satisfying play.

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Please Stay Calm


Bad news: When the zombie invasion inevitably happens, politicians will be on the first planes to Tahiti, leaving you to defend yourself against a race that regards you as a Big Mac on legs. Please Stay Calm is a role-playing game that gives you a fighting chance. You scout for supplies in real-world locations, courtesy of your iOS device’s GPS, then you arm yourself and fight off the zombie scum. Zombie apocalypse games are as common as dropped limbs at a zombie party, but it’s interesting to be able to defend yourself with the help of your local grocery store.

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