Free to Play: Game Recommendations for April 1

Happy April to all you Fools. Aw, just kidding. You’re all awesome. So awesome, in fact, that you deserve to know about some of the best free games available this week. Top offerings include NimbleBit’s modern upgrade of Snake, sperm at war, and a JRPG that’s all about slamming into your foes.

Nimble Quest


Long before developers ever conceived of stuffing the Unreal Engine into telephones, we played a little game called Snake on our feature phones. The object was to make a solid black line (hereafter referred to as “the snake”) gobble up black squares without running into itself and becoming a digital ouroboros. Nimble Quest builds on the classic Snake formula by adding in warriors, archers, zombies, fire, and other stuff out of a Dragonforce song. The end result is fun, frantic, and another solid experience courtesy of NimbleBit.

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Blendoku is a unique puzzle game that challenges you to line up colored squares according to brightness, shade, and other descriptive factors. It’s extremely simple to play at first, but before long you’ll be second-guessing that burgundy square that you swear is disgusting itself as wine red whenever you flick your eyes away for a second.

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Spawn Wars 2


Know who has it rough? Sperm. Though millions race towards a common goal, there can be only one victor. The rest receive only certain death. Spawn Wars is the follow-up to Sperm Wars, and you can expect more of what made the original game a swimming success: Strategy, intensity, and heated battles between reams of genetic material. Plus, this game has a name that you can actually say in front of your grandmother.

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Fairune is an odd little JRPG that looks like a classic Dragon Warrior game, but plays more like a puzzle. It’s you against the monsters, and even though you have a sword, the monsters inevitably draw close enough to really put the hurt on you. The trick is to pick on monsters your own size—no weaker, no stronger—and grow carefully. Fairune is fun and funny, and its visuals will take you way back.

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Type Kill


Evil robots are on the move, and only one thing can bring them down: Swift, accurate texting. Type Kill seats you in a giant robot that only sprays ammunition if you manage to type the words stamped on each enemy that flies at you. It’s a great way to stretch your thumbs and avoid future embarrassments involving your pals and autocorrect.

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