Free to Play: February 22, 2013

Top of the weekend to you. What’s better than free games? Free games about dragons, wizards, and robot pirates. We have some great recommendations for you this week that should suit your needs regardless of whether you want a fiery challenge or something a little more chill.

Hotel Story


How do you feel about managing a hotel? What if we could guarantee that the elevators aren’t filled with blood? Hotel Story is a cute and laid-back hotel simulator that boasts an easy, pleasant pace (no Hotel Dash-style running around here). Conduct tours, tend to customers’ needs, build rooms and facilities, then upgrade them with appropriate items. Hint: The “pillow” item goes in the bedroom, not the baths.

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Merlin’s Rage


Forget what you might have heard about King Arthur’s trusted wizard being wise and placid; turns out Merlin’s a pretty angry dude. Okay, he’s not furious; he’s just a little upset about monsters invading his realm. Luckily, you can help fight them off with your own pack of trained monsters and some Match-3 puzzle action. Merlin’s Rage is based around a mix of strategy, fighting, and puzzle-solving that’s compelling and highly addictive.

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Dawn of the Dragons


Dawn of the Dragons is an iOS adaptation of 5th Planet’s popular web-based RPG. You begin the game as a humble farmhand, but after a few fights, some weapon crafting, a few quests, and a few battles with venom-drooling monsters, you should have no trouble taking on the game’s biggest, meanest dragons (Okay, a little more preparation might be wise). Dawn of the Dragons is a deep RPG that will keep you occupied for ages.

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You just can’t keep a bad mutant zombie down, which is why the post-apocalyptic future needs a few good gunmen and women. Oddland is an interesting mix of role-playing and gunslinging that should make fans of the Wild West spin their revolvers in glee.

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Raft Pirates


Robot pirates have brass guts; they sail through trillions of gallons of salt water that will turn them into a useless mass of rust if they make one false move. The metallic crew of Raft Pirates is especially endearing. These little guys salvage scrap, build weapons, and go to battle against any scurvy sea-dogs that have the gall to intrude on their territory. Raft Pirates’ mix of strategy and simulation will make you crack a bald, scurvy-ravaged smile.

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