Free to Play: February 13, 2013

Snowed in? Stave off cabin fever with some free iOS games! This week, you can pretend you’re a fire fighter, or you can perform a little platforming as a robot. You can take down zombies wearing nothing but your Spartan thong, or you can fight a demon invasion. Heck, why not do them all? These games are free, after all.

Ding & Dang Fire Fighters


Fire. Man’s oldest foe. Insatiable, remorseless, unquenchable—until your friendly neighborhood fire fighters arrive on the scene. You’d better hope the fire fighters in your jurisdiction are a bit more competent than Ding and Dang, though. These little pasty-faced guys try hard, but they’re kind of hit-and-miss about catching the trapped folks that jump out of burning buildings. Your job is to move them back and forth across the bottom of the screen so that they can catch falling citizens. Try and aim for dead-center and avoid actually making people dead. Ding & Dang Fire Fighters is pretty straightforward, but it’s a good workout for your hand-eye coordination and it’s certainly cute. Until someone splatters on the pavement.

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Spartans vs Zombies


Spartans! Tonight, we hit iOS! Spartans vs Zombies is a tower defense/action game that pits you and your warriors (Spartans) against the undead (zombies). You accumulate silver to hire more troops and shore up your defenses, since one man is not enough against the forces of hell—even if that one man is a Spartan. Spartans vs Zombies plays like a standard tower defense game, though it has a polished look and pokes fun at itself.

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Crash Cam


Who says show business is cushy? Crash Cam proves that even sitting behind the camera can be dangerous work. Crash Cam puts you in charge of a camera that’s constantly filming the heroic deeds of A-List Anthony. You need to rise and fall to avoid objects, since smashing into surfing he-men has a way of draining camera batteries. How far can you get before it’s a wrap? Crash Cam’s cartoony graphics and sense of humor make it a fun play.

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Cordy 2


Cordy 2 is a gorgeous-looking platformer that sounds just as wonderful. Also: Robots. The controls are responsive, the characters are cute, and the soft backgrounds are just lovely to behold. Only the first four levels of the game are free, though that should be enough to let you decide if you want to buy the whole shebang.

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Zenonia 5


Humans and demons are at war again in the latest installment of Gamevil’s popular action/RPG series. Like its predecessors, Zenonia 5 features tons of adventure, loot drops, and threatening (if adorable) enemies. If you’re a fan of the series, make sure to add this one to your digital collection.

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