Free Games Every Day Through Christmas

It’s December again, and that means that all of you iPhone gamers can put away your pocketbooks because the Appvent Calendar is back. Once again, Blacksmith Games has gone around and convinced developers to give away a game for free each day until Christmas. And we’re not talking about crappy throw-away titles here– these are usually good games.

Additionally, Gameloft— never a company to sit idly by during a game sale– has begun a Twitter Advent Calendar, through which they’ll give away an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Facebook game a day.

Today’s free Appvent Calendar game is Time Geeks: Find All!, which we scored a Must Have in our review. Gameloft’s freebie is the iPhone game Driver, a PlayStation port that’s down from $4.99.

This year Blacksmith Games is also introducing the App Appvent Calendar, which is the same idea, but with non-game apps instead. Even the most hardcore of gamers enjoys the occasional entertainment or productivity app… right?

If you like free stuff, you’d do well to bookmark all of these sites and check back daily.

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