Free App A Day Offers Free Text Messaging Through App

Free App A Day, which has made a name for itself as a successful promotional tool for developers struggling to get noticed on the App Store, announced this week at WWDC that they will include free text messaging as part of their upcoming app.

A press release from the company says that text messages will be used to notify users when promoted application become free, as well as allowing users to text message other people. The update will hit in July, and the FAAD app without the text-messaging service is due to launch very soon.

Asked why text messaging and iPhone games made sense together, Joe Bayen from Free App A Day told us, “Our solution is a pure viral promotional platform and our core audience uses text messaging extensively on a daily basis.”

“Merging both was simply a natural evolution for and I strongly believe that it will dramatically enhance our reach which will be beneficial for our developer partners.”

To get a glimpse at the Free App A Day app in action, check out our earlier coverage here.

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