Free App A Day Makes Appvent Calendar Year-Round

Exciting news for iPhone and iPod Touch owners: Soon you can download a decent free game every day, and it’s not even the holidays. ICS Mobile, Blacksmith Games, OpenFeint, and Tapjoy have teamed up to make the Appvent Calendar experience a year-round event.

The catch, if you can call it one, is that many of the games will probably be associated with OpenFeint or Tapjoy’s ad service, so you may be served ads with some of these games or signed into OpenFeint, both of which help their business models. But there is another tangible upside to the developer for making a game available for free: visibility.

“Our experience with Appventcalendar was tremendous” said Joe Bayen, CEO at ICS Mobile, in a press release. “We recorded over 100,000 downloads over the Christmas week, peaking at the 53rd spot of the total game category within hours.”

The obvious upside for gamers is that they can pick up a new free game every day. If enough people get on board, we could see the online leaderboards and multiplayer in these free games jump to life as new players stream in at the same time.

The official start date for Free App A Day starts Monday, Jan 18, but you can bookmark it now. An icon for Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense from ICS Mobile appears in the calendar, but it’s not available for free today.

Developers, you can submit your app to to be added. In a refreshing twist for free iPhone games, all selections, we’re told, will be made based on quality.

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