Free App A Day App Coming Soon

By now you’ve likely heard of Free App A Day, a website that works with paying developers to make an app free of charge for one day. As one would expect, the concept has caught on in a big way, sending apps like Chop Chop Ninja, Heavy Gunner 3D, and FaceFighter to the top of the free charts within hours.

Well, good news! A new app was recently submitted for approval to Apple that will provide gamers with an easy way to view and access each day’s freebie.

As you can see from this screenshot of the menu, you will be able to quickly see what app is free that day, featured free and paid apps promoted through the service, and the apps that proved most successful through the service in the ‘FAAD of Fame’. Also quite interesting is the ‘My Wish’ button on the bottom. We don’t have any more information on it at this time, but it seems to allow people to request apps they’d like to see go free for a day.

The app should be available very soon and of course for free. If you like the satisfaction of free premium entertainment (and, frankly, who doesn’t?), keep an eye out for this. And don’t forget, you can also find free games through our own GameFinder app.

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