Fox Vs Duck

Fox Vs Duck is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Fox Vs Duck Review

Apparently ducks have become one fox’s favorite treat, because in Fox Vs Duck all he does is run around the pond where they reside and chew them up when they try to escape. However, despite what the title would have you believe, the real danger is the killer fish that wants to make a meal out of your ducks from below. Nobody said living the duck life was easy, but these feathered fellows have it bad. That’s where you come in for the rescue.

As a duck-saving hero, you must tilt your phone to help the circle-shaped ducks escape from the pond one at a time. You must also avoid a ravenous fish, whose head will turn red when he’s hungry, and the sneaky fox running around the pond’s border at an increasingly quick pace. They are both quicker than you, so things can become difficult. On top of all this, black rocks will randomly emerge from the water to block your path.

There are two different modes in Fox Vs Duck. Challenge mode involves getting ducks out as quickly as possible to keep your timer up. Powerups such as speed and extra time can help you with this. Survival mode starts you with five lives, and you play until you lose them all. Extra lives can be picked up, and you can have a maximum of ten at any time.

The horror’¦ the horror…

The minimalist art direction of Fox Vs Duck is a nice surprise, especially considering this game is from the developers of MiniSquadron. Everything in Fox Vs Duck is made from simple shapes, and the colors range from white to dark gray. However, when killed, a pool of red blood forms around the dead duck’s body. Its quite chilling to see your precious ducks slaughtered by carnivorous koi and a cunning fox.

Online scoring through OpenFeint offers plenty of competition, but Fox Vs Duck also has a community-based aspect to its online scoring. In order to reach certain achievements, the total amount of ducks saved and killed across all players around the world are compiled. Over time, new achievements will be unlocked based on this.

If these pond-dwelling fowl have any sentimental value to you, you might pay any price to save them from immediate danger. Fox Vs Duck only costs $0.99, and for all the duck lives you’ll be saving, it’s worth every penny. You get to be the animal savior you have always dreamed of, plus you’ll have a game that we don’t see getting old any time soon.

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