Nescaline is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

Currently Unavailable

For a Limited Time: Nescaline, an NES Emulator

Want to see a disappearing act? Here’s Nescaline, an NES emulator that today appeared on the App Store, and within a few hours it’ll probably be gone. The App costs $6.99, which is pretty pricey, but maybe the high price is justified if you like playing public domain NES games.

According to the description, this NES emulator comes with five games, with more available to download through the App itself. The included games are Chopper, Grave Digger, Headbounce, Lex and Grim, and Sack of Flour. According to the developer’s website, these games and the others it plays are all in the public domain. Still, we don’t think this will last too long. Get ready for injunction junction from Nintendo. [Update: Removed from the App Store. We are shocked.]

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