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Foodies Review

Even if you think you’ve had your fill of adorable iOS puzzle games, you’ll still want to make room for Foodies. Though the basic structure will feel very familiar to anyone who’s played an Angry Birds or Cut The Rope-style puzzler– which, we have to guess, would be pretty much everyone who owns an iOS device– the unique control scheme and varied level design still make Foodies a game with its own flavor.

It even has a story to follow. Or at least a brief introduction that sets up the rest of the game. You play as a tubby little ball of goo, but the problem is that he’s just not quite tubby enough. The girl he likes prefers her guys much more on the portly side, so she gives him an ultimatum: he has just one week to bulk up enough to win her love. And so the rest of the game becomes about cramming as much food into your mouth as possible.

I want candy!

You don’t actually have direct control over the tubby little fella; instead, you guide him around using a trampoline-like control scheme. Placing both of your thumbs on the screen will cause a barrier to form between them, and it’s with this that you help guide the hungry protagonist around, using it to bounce him around.

Each level is full of little pieces of food, and the way to win is to collect each and every single one of them. But without direct control over the character, this is easier said than done. It takes some time to get used to the control scheme, but after a while you’ll realize that it’s actually pretty robust, giving you a good amount of control over movement.

Of course, there’s more to it than just collecting food. Like any good puzzle game, Foodies throws all sorts of obstacles at you across its 80 stages. You’ll need to avoid spikes and saw blades, smash your way through crumbling walls, and navigate around tricky moving platforms. The level design is full of all sorts of clever twists, though the difficulty of the stages can feel a bit off at times. It’s not uncommon to find quick and simple levels right after one far more complex and challenging.

Always remember to brush your teeth.

To up the challenge a bit, some stages also put limits on how much time you have and how many times you can bounce the main character. This makes things much more difficult, although it can also be turned off if you like.

The only aspect of Foodies that’s really frustrating is the way you progress through the stages. Many puzzle games will give you access to several levels at once– that way if you get stuck you don’t need to keep replaying the same level over and over again. Foodies doesn’t do this. So when you find yourself at a particularly difficult stage, you don’t really have any option other than continuously playing through it until you finish.

Aside from that, though, Foodies has just what iOS puzzle fans have come to expect: lots of cleverly designed levels that offer a good amount of replayability, a unique control scheme that makes it feel different from other similar experiences, and a downright adorable art style and presentation. If nothing else, Foodies at least proves that there’s still room for yet another quirky puzzle game on the iPhone, so long as it has its own distinct taste.

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