Flying Hamster

Flying Hamster is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Flying Hamster Review

It’s hard not to like Flying Hamster. Everything about the game is so happy that it’s irresistible. We’ll get to the criticism in a moment, but first, the story of our first experience with Flying Hamster.

Flying Hamster touched our hearts the second we opened the game. The cute cutscenes, top-notch anime visuals, and happy soundtrack had us in a trance. We wiped out some bomb-laying chickens, milk-spurting cows, and flying onions, losing a couple of lives due to mistakes. Then it was time to take down the stage’s boss: a funky mushroom who takes off his mushroom cap and uses it as a spinning wheel of death.

We continued to progress, using some continues along the way. When we died for the fifth time, not quite finishing the game, we entered our high score and sent it to the Game Center and OpenFeint leaderboards. Back in the menu, we were disappointed to find there was no way to pick up where we died. We had to start from the very beginning. Frustrated and with little incentive to try again, we walked away from Flying Hamster for as long as we could’¦ but the cuteness drew us back eventually.

It does a body good.

This may be our story, but it will most likely be yours as well. What Flying Hamster does right, it does perfectly. Outstanding anime aesthetics, four solid control methods, and the ability to train on any level you’ve completed are all great additions.

However, without the ability to pick up where you left off, Flying Hamster doesn’t feel like one of the best side-scrollings shoot ’em ups the App Store has to offer. There’s a good chance you’ll continue to return to the game in order to unlock the hard mode, but it doesn’t make the omission any less disappointing.

Also, Flying Hamster costs some serious dough at $5.99. As good as the game is, there are many others for the same price with much more to offer. You’ll need to be serious about this shoot ’em up before laying down your money.

If you do choose to buy it, we’re sure you’ll find Flying Hamster insanely enjoyable. After all, who doesn’t love adorable penguins with umbrellas touting pistols?

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