Fluik and Atari Reveal Upcoming Asteroids Remake for iOS

Fluik, the developer of Office Jerk and Gunner Galaxies, revealed in an interview with Edmonton, Alberta newspaper The Edmonton Sun that Fluik would be teaming with Atari to develop an Asteroids remake for iOS. Fluik also tells Slide To Play the iOS Asteroids remake will be available in November.

The original Asteroids is currently available for iOS, as part of Atari’s Greatest Hits, but this new remake will be more of a dual-stick shooter, according to Fluik Director Victor Rubba. It will also feature new ships, along with the original Dart, and include a frenzied hyperspace mode.

The article also reveals that Atari is looking to “aggressively move into the mobile market for their 40th anniversary celebration in 2012.” Could remakes of other Atari classics be far behind? We’ll continue to bring you information on this Asteroids remake, and any other notable retro remakes, as we hear about it.

[Via Edmonton Sun]

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