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Flight Control HD Review

Flight Control created one of the most popular genres on the App Store. However, it was inevitably outwitted by spin-offs such as Harbor Master and Harbor Havoc 3D. With Flight Control HD, that is no longer the case: the iPad version of the ever-popular flight manager takes back the crown with some new killer features.

Most prominent on the new feature list are four new maps in addition to high-definition versions of the iPhone maps. Three of these new maps are much larger, offering lots of room to manipulate the planes. Another is zoomed-in like the iPhone maps but has a wind direction mechanic that occasionally changes which runways you can land on. Additionally, if you have a pair of red/cyan 3D glasses, one of the larger maps is playable in 3D. This is awesome, giving the 2D graphics some depth and having words pop off the screen.

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Bluetooth multiplayer was in the iPhone version but the feature never struck us as very fun. On the iPad, you can play with or against another friend on the same device. Co-op mode has you working together by giving your friend planes that match your color runway and vice versa. If you are feeling a little competitive, vs. mode is a duel of survival where you must keep things in order for longer than your opponent.

Firemint also made two tweaks to the gameplay that really enhance the genre. First is a ‘safe’ fast-forward that speeds up the game but slows it back down when two planes are about to crash. The other is the ability to continue a path where you left off, eliminating the need to redraw a path if you cut it short by accident.

Flight Control HD is just about everything we could have wanted in the iPad remake, and we commend Firemint for reigniting a genre that died months ago. This is a game that was made for the iPad.

Editor’s Note: This review only covers the content exclusive to the iPad version of this game. For the full game review, click here.

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