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Flick Soccer! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Flick Soccer! Review

App gaming is slowly building up a collection of fun franchises. There’s Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Real Racing, and a few notable others, but we believe soon enough that Full Fat’s Flick franchise will be on that list. Flick Soccer, the newest addition to the Flick catalog including Zombie Flick and Flick Golf, is the kind of game that should be used in commercials. It’s the game you show to friends to make them jealous.

The premise behind Flick Soccer is deceptively simple. Your only task is to send the soccer ball past the defense and into the goal. To send that ball flying, you flick your finger up the screen. The direction in which you flick your finger determines the arc of the ball, and you can even curve your flick to send the ball around any obstacles. Also, you can change the course of the ball after you’ve flicked by swiping across the screen. This flick and swipe mechanic is so elementary yet sophisticated that you’ll pick it up instantly but spend hours mastering it.

Flick Soccer is made up of several game modes, starting with the simple Quick Shot mode, in which you are given 60 seconds to score as many points as possible. Not only do you need to aim for the net, but for the higher scores you need to hit the bullseye floating around behind the goalie to earn extra time.

Lens flare adds to the excitement.

There is also a Challenge mode, in which you must send the ball into the net while facing more obstacles. Of all the game modes, this is the most like a ‘campaign,’ and diehards will spend a great deal of time here earning 100% completion. Rather than speed, the Challenge mode hones your precision flicking, as well as your curving ability.

Other fun modes include Smash It! and Crossbar. In these modes, you must aim your kicks for specific targets. In Crossbar, as the name explains, you must hit the top bar above the net as many times as possible within the time limit. You can also hit targets for extra time or double score in order to achieve the highest score possible. In Smash It!, each goal is covered by glass, and you must smash each sheet of glass in order to proceed to the next round.

The game also shines when it comes to graphics. From the opening title screen and menu, you are treated to wonderful game art with a surprisingly gritty style that looks amazing. The actual gameplay graphics are smooth and look crisp on any Retina display devices. The goalie, your arch nemesis, is always jumping and diving in front of the ball, but his animation never disappoints.

This is the kind of game that we’ll be coming back to time and time again, because we feel like all-stars when we play. It’s incredibly fun to leave the goalie eating grass while your soccer ball soars perfectly into the net. You’ll constantly be trying to beat your last high score, or you can use Game Center’s online leaderboards to see how your flicks compare to others.

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