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Flick Golf! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Flick Golf! Review

Flick Golf is more like target practice than it is a leisurely pastime for retired folks and business big-wigs. The focus here isn’t on playing a full round of golf but instead flicking a golf ball as close to the hole as possible with a single flick. This is quite fun until you notice that there’s no difference between the golf courses included in the game.

Flick Golf’s flick-based gameplay will feel familiar to most iPhone gamers, but it’s fun as always. Beyond just flicking, you have a little extra control over your ball. Once it’s in the air, you can swipe across the screen to control the direction the ball takes. Once you learn to use this in moderation it can help you score big. Tilt controls are an option as well.

Beware the cranky old man who dwells in the lighthouse.

The first mode in Flick Golf is World Tour. In this mode you’re scored on your performance over nine shots (three shots from three different distances from a hole). There are four holes here, but two of them are unlocked by getting a silver trophy on the previous hole, and the last one requires a gold trophy on all three other holes. The only difference between holes is wind speed and potentially a water bank that you shouldn’t hit anyway.

Also included is Quickshot mode, which grants you 90 seconds to get as many points as possible. There are three holes here, although the unlock conditions are extremely difficult to attain. Hopefully the developer can make some tweaks to this system to make the content more accessible.

As much as we want to love Flick Golf, the inaccessibility and lack of variety makes it a little too dull a little too quickly. Even the online leaderboards weren’t enough to keep our fingers flicking. The developer is promising updates, so lets hope they deliver.

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