Five to Watch: Wednesday, November 25

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, chances are you will want to pick up a couple of new iPhone games for your travels or time off of work. This week we’re focusing on five instead of our usual ten, so you can spend more time stuffing turkey. Here are a few games you may want to look into.

Rogue Planet

Price: $4.99

In the distant future, a spacecraft captain and his crew are sent crashing down to Earth after a malfunction in the engine. After not returning to their home planet for years, they find it has been taken over by self-functioning robots. As you move along in the lengthy story of this turn-based strategy game, you will find yourself saving cities, teaming up with survivors, and ultimately hitting the mechanical baddies where it hurts with explosive weapons. A lengthy 19-mission story will last the average player hours, and online multiplayer is said to be coming in an update. Right now, we can safely say this is one to buy in confidence.

Battle for Wesnoth

Price: $4.99

There is, however, some major competition for your money this week. Also released was the highly anticipated Battle for Wesnoth, a fantasy turn-based strategy game that is deeper than most we have ever played. 14 full-length campaigns with around 200 scenarios, over 200 enemies spread across six factions, and cross-platform multiplayer with the computer counterpart are all part of what makes this one of the most complete TBS experiences you will find. This said, there is a major flaw: slow response times. The game tends to not react as quickly as we would have liked to our touch, and we hope the developer goes back and addresses this in an update. If you can see past that and aren’t into the sci-fi scene of Rogue Planet, this is a great alternative.


Price: $2.99

We thought the day would never come! For more months than we can count, IUGO has been struggling with the review process to get A.D.D., their WarioWare-like minigame collection, out to the public. While we haven’t had much time to spend on the released version of this game, there is one thing we are sure of: this is a game that pushes the line (as constituted by it’s 17+ rating). Be ready for some outrageous tasks as you play your way through over 70 included minigames. Online world scores round out this package. If you are a fan of the aforementioned Nintendo franchise, this is possibly a must-buy.

Cross Fingers

Price: $0.99

Cross Fingers is the latest puzzler from Mobigame, the company who brought you the cube-tastic Edge and an infamous trademark case with one Tim Langdell. While this is not as flashy as Edge (although the buggy lite version may make it seem so), there is a lot of fun to be had with this one. Each of the 120 levels is a mix between a tangram and Rush Hour. You must move pieces around and fit them together so that they form the indicated shape over the black area. Multitouch controls for holding red blocks back in order to let others pass by work very well. Don’t expect this to be an easy game, though, as the challenge kicks in quickly after beating the easy difficulty. Puzzle gamers looking for something new should give this one a shot for only $.99.

Stair Dismount

Price: $2.99

Finally, we have the latest ‘game’ from Secret Exit of Zen Bound and SPiN fame. We use the term game lightly as, while there is scoring, this is more of a physics toy. Six types of stairs allow you to drop your ragdoll to different deaths, and Facebook integration gives you access to your friends’ photos so that the ragdoll can be them! Without online leaderboards, though, this is probably only for ragdoll physics fanatics.

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