Five to Watch: Wednesday, January 20

Many games have been overshadowed by the release of a little game called Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Here are five that may have passed you by while you were selling drugs on a street corner. Also, look for Assassin’s Creed 2 on the App Store February 1st at $9.99. Our review will be out on day one.

Fleeced! ‘“ Shear Terror

Price: $3.99

If you didn’t think iPhone games could get any wilder, think again. Fleeced! ‘“ Shear Terror has you playing as one of two Peruvian farmers warring over their llama farms. By placing cannons and directing their shots toward the enemy via the accelerometer, your goal is to destroy the opponent’s walls. Awesome cell-shaded graphics and online multiplayer make this game stand out. We will have a review up soon.

Are You Alright?

Price: $0.99

Time management games are old news, but the stylish art direction and microgame element of Are You Alright? caught our eye. In the game you use medical machines, such as various x-rays and a brainwave therapy contraption, to complete special tasks that change up the generic formula a bit. A lengthy campaign and time trial mode offer a lot of gameplay to time management enthusiasts.

Sword & Poker

Price: $0.99

Sword & Poker is a genius combination of Texas Hold ‘Em and an RPG. The goal is to make poker card formations by placing two cards from your hand on either side of a row/column of three cards. The damage you do to an enemy depends on the weapon you have equipped and what formation you make. We will take a closer look in our upcoming review.

Doodle Army

Price: $0.99

Doodle Army, a side-scrolling action game, is one that casual players will likely appreciate. There isn’t much depth to it, but the bullet-flying action and silly character voices make this a decent time waster. The lack of online leaderboards is made up for in the large array of weapons and character customization.

Heavy Mach 2

Price: $2.99

Back in the early days of the App Store, the original side-scrolling Heavy Mach topped the charts. The sequel takes the series in a new direction, bringing a top-down perspective to this tank blow-em-up game. We have had little time to spend with the game, but so far the leveling aspect seems extremely deep. A full review will be out soon.

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