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Fishing Superstars Review

There’s nothing that says ‘summer’ like the snap of the fishing rod, the whine of the line being fed out into the lake, and the constant trill of insects in the tall grass. Too bad your vacation days have dried up and left you to haunt your office cubicle until year’s end. It’s all right. Pick up Fishing Superstars for iOS. It’s not a perfect substitute for the real thing, but it still provides a fun and fulfilling virtual fishing experience.

Fishing Superstars had some problems when it first hit the App Store. The game would freeze and crash constantly, making it impossible for most users to play. Happily, Gamevil has stomped out the worst of the game’s bugs, and what’s left is as solid as a tightly-packed can of albacore tuna.

You take up your pole as either a male or female fisher. Basic gameplay remains the same, though each sex has different stats (which adjust according to level and equipment, anyway) and can purchase different accessories. Once you’ve equipped your rod and bait, you’re ready to roll. Let’s fishing!

“Hey, kids! We’re eatin’ dinner tonight!”

There are several different fishing sites in Fishing Superstars, and each one is unlocked when you hit a certain level. You start off in a calm pond that acts as a tutorial, and are gradually guided to fishing holes wherein the occupants are stronger and wilier. Leveling up isn’t an invitation to just plow ahead, though. There are some pretty impressive monsters lurking in even the tamest waters, and you’re supposed to go back and do battle with them once you’ve earned the money to upgrade your equipment.

‘Money’ ties into Fishing Superstars’ biggest failing. It’s a free-to-play game, and scratching up enough in-game money (earned primarily by selling the fish you catch) to buy new rods, bait, and accessories takes a long time–especially since everything in the game is pretty darn expensive. You can buy your way to the top with hard currency, but otherwise, Fishing Superstars is a test of patience like the sport of fishing itself. Don’t expect to advance in a huge hurry.

Thanks for all the fish.

Maybe that’s not such a terrible thing, though, as Fishing Superstars is quite fun to play. You flick your iOS device to cast (don’t drop it), and pull it back to hook your prize, which you then reel in. The game does a good job of demonstrating the strength and weight of each fish, even though you can’t feel the tug and pull yourself. Some fish accept their fate quietly and let you reel them in with no trouble. Others have a ton of fight in them, which is measured by a colored icon beside your line. If the icon is green, it’s safe to try and land the fish. If the icon is red or flashing, your line will almost certainly snap if you make a false move. Landing a fighter takes careful timing, which makes victory all the more satisfying.

Fishing Superstars can be a bit monotonous at times (cast, reel, land, cast, reel, land), but you’re pressed to keep fishing because there are so many species to catch and record. If you’re into fishing games, don’t pass it up. And don’t batter and fry your iPhone, no matter how tasty the in-game fish appear to be.

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