Fishdom HD

Fishdom HD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Fishdom HD iPad Review

Boring old Match-3, Bejeweled style, doesn’t do it for us anymore. We need our great Match-3 games to contain at least one major, Shyamalanian twist. In Heroes of Kalevala, it’s the town-building, in Puzzle Quest 2, it’s the RPG adventure, and in Fishdom HD, it’s your virtual aquariums.

Fishdom HD is a Match-3 puzzle game with hundreds of levels of fast, responsive gameplay. Cascades of colorful tiles will fly onto the screen, disappear with a chime, and be immediately replaced with more. As a result, the speedy gameplay can sometimes feel like a slot machine that always pays out.

Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter.

Your goal is to match three icons on top of the gold and silver background tiles to complete a level. Matching five or more icons will give you an area-clearing bomb, and a lengthy combo cascade will give you a stick of dynamite. Every so often you’ll earn a special lightning powerup, which clears out one type of icon from the board. Tiles in the corner are especially tricky to reach, but there aren’t too many different types of icons, so it’s rare that you’ll get completely stuck.

The quality Match-3 gameplay is a lot of fun, but it’s the aquarium building metagame that makes Fishdom HD a Must Have. After earning cash in the Match-3 game, you’ll be able to shop for fish, decorations, and accessories. Some of our favorites buys include sea turtles, pufferfish, and lichen-covered Atlantean columns.

Ya we in luck here down in the muck here under the sea.

Unlocking the minimum amount of items will award you with a bronze cup and open the next aquarium, but you can continue to build each aquarium up to the gold level. This gets pretty expensive and challenging later on, but the Match-3 gameplay moves along so quickly that you won’t mind playing, earning, and spending for hours.

Fishdom HD is a fantastic, beautiful Match-3 game, with rapid-fire and highly responsive gameplay. It doesn’t offer limitless interactivity, as your fish don’t respond to anything even as simple as a tap on the glass. But Fishdom HD isn’t a pet sim– it’s a Match-3 game with a bonus collecting aspect that makes you want to keep playing. Buy it if, like us, you’re looking for Match-3 with a rewarding twist.

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