Fish Tycoon

Fish Tycoon is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Fish Tycoon Review

Fish Tycoon introduces you to the exciting world of rare fish breeding, where raising a tankful of tropical fishies can equal a tidy payday. Fish Tycoon’s virtual tank continues to run in realtime even when the game’s turned off. This means that if you buy the right combination of chemicals and gear for your tank, and breed your fish properly, you can reap great rewards when you check back in. This is a very slow-paced game that you play over the course of weeks, not minutes or hours, and it takes lots of trial and error to get anywhere. Plus, the graphics are very middling. Nevertheless, it’s pretty likely that fans of virtual life and business management games will get addicted. Fish Tycoon gets a 3.

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