First Screens and Video of Braveheart

Gaijin Entertainment, known for their best-selling Galcon-style strategy game Modern Conflict, is self-publishing their next game, Braveheart. Braveheart’s an action-RPG set in medieval times, and we’ve got the first screenshots and video for you to enjoy.

In Braveheart, you play as the knight Richard, who is seeking the Holy Grail. The Grail is guarded by monsters, including a dragon, so you’ve got 10 different weapons you can use to complete your quest.

The weapons at your disposal include a flail, which is swung in a wide circle to knock out nearby enemies, and a crossbow, which fires a variety of bolts. In the trailer, you can also see Richard summon screen-clearing fire and lightning spells.

Braveheart is entering beta testing soon, and should be available on the App Store in December. We’ll bring you more information or hands-on impressions of Braveheart as soon as we can.

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