First Evidence of Next iPhone Rev Uncovered

What’s Apple got up its sleeve for the next version of the iPhone? Until Tim Cook recently quashed the rumor, speculation centered on a stripped-down iPhone Nano for the lower end of the market. Although we still have no real information on the timing or substance of the next iPhone, the latest iPhone firmware update does contain proof that Apple’s working on an “iPhone 2.”

MacRumors uncovered evidence of a new iPhone model designated “iPhone 2,1” lodged in a file called USBDeviceConfiguration.plist in the new firmware. This marks a departure from the original iPhone (iPhone 1,1) and the 3G (iPhone 1,2); MacRumors notes that Apple only changes these numbers for “functionally different devices.” This jives with reports that iPhone ad server PinchMedia includes a column labeled “iPhone 2,1” on its reports.

The MacRumors article goes on to speculate that the next iPhone may support multi-core CPU and GPUs based on research by P.A. Semi and Imagination Technologies, both Apple-owned firms that specialize in developing power-efficient mobile chipsets. That kind of multi-core horsepower would be a quantum leap over the kind of gaming graphics the iPhone can currently produce, and it would blow the present DS and PSP models out of the water as well.

[from MacRumors]

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