First Details of Hook Champ Follow-Up, Avalanche Game

Hook Champ is one of the personal favorites of many Slide to Play staff members, and we recently upgraded our score of the game to “Must Have” status. So it’s with great joy that we anticipate Rocketcat Games’ successor to Hook Champ, tentatively titled Avalanche Game.

The three-man team recently released brand new art for the game along with details on the gameplay and style. The most notable difference for many players is going to be the fact that graphically, Avalanche Game is going to be upgraded to the 16-bit era of gaming whereas Hook Champ was based on 8-bit graphic systems. The result is a much more full-figured hero, and far more splendidly detailed hats. Kepa Auwae, lead designer, said that the influence for the game’s art will be Super Mario World.

Apparently, the team was also blown away by the game Canabalt, and now has aspirations to form this new game around the never-ending-platformer sub-genre. However, they said that their game will be markedly more complex than the one-button Canabalt.

They’ve noted the community support behind leaderboards and time trials, and so despite the fact that the main game will be a never-ending level, there will be chopped up sections of the game with a set beginning and end to facilitate racing and competition.

Gameplay details still seem a bit hard to pin down, though. We know that the famous Hook will be making its return, and also that there will be special abilities that can be activated by collecting certain types of food throughout the game. And oddly, there will also be a ceiling-run ability, though we’ll have to wait and see to find out exactly how that works.

[via MTV Multiplayer Blog]

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