Firemonkeys Releases Real Racing 3 Trailer

As Firemonkeys’ first act as a single company, they’ve just released a trailer for the newly announced Real Racing 3. Firemonkeys, for those who may not recall, is the product of EA’s merging of Firemint, the makers of the previous Real Racing games, and IronMonkeys, the makers of Mass Effect Infiltrator and Dead Space.

The developers promise licensed cars from Porche, Dodge, and Audi, as well as real tracks like the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Silverstone. Up to 22 cars will be able to race at once. No release date has been announced, but they promise the game sometime this year.

Check out our reviews of Real Racing and Real Racing 2, and then watch the video below. It looks nice.

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