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Firefly Hero is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Firefly Hero Review

One of the delights of reviewing App Store games is that you never know when you’ll discover a hidden gem. The indie puzzler Firefly Hero not only has original gameplay mechanics, but its devious level designs will have you replaying every stage for an elusive golden leaf.

In Firefly Hero, you control a firefly by tapping the screen to turn on and off lightbulbs. The firefly will always make a bee-line to the nearest light, regardless of obstacles like spikes or spider webs. Using expert timing, you have to pick up every star on the screen, and you’ll get a special gold leaf if you can do this in a series of uninterrupted combos.

While it starts out simple, the puzzles in Firefly Hero become quite challenging. There are 60 levels, and they gradually increase in difficulty and add new elements. Some of our favorite twists include broken light bulbs that can only be turned on once, and spike-shooting plants that will test your sense of timing.

I’d get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs.

Even after you’ve beaten all 60 levels, it’s worthwhile to go back and try to get a golden leaf on each. Doing so unlocks an additional 15 bonus levels, but we’d have preferred if these levels unlocked gradually, instead of all at once.

Firefly Hero has a simple presentation which is charming, but also rather plain. The background never changes throughout the game, and the firefly character isn’t given much personality. If Firefly Hero is really going to become a breakout puzzle hit like Cut The Rope, we hope that more levels and personality arrive in the next update.

Even with its simple presentation, we highly recommend Firefly Hero. You’ll discover the excitement of playing something completely new, and it’s executed perfectly for iOS devices. Give it a try– this puzzle game is one of the brightest bulbs in the App Store.

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