Finger Physics: Thumb Wars

Finger Physics: Thumb Wars is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Finger Physics: Thumb Wars Review

Finger Physics: Thumb Wars is, at its core, an expansion to PressOK Entertainment’s original Finger Physics title. However, for one very big reason it called for its own separate app: country-based leaderboards. This seems minor on paper, but it actually plays a big part in the game and makes it worth fighting for.

The game is broken up into two modes: Wonder Glades and Constructor. Wonder Glades is a twist on tower destruction games like Saving Private Sheep, in which you tap and move blocks to get a specified item to hit a target below. In this case, you need to get the circled star to hit the spinning orange circle. As you progress through the levels, new kinds of obstacles are unlocked.

Constructor is Finger Physics’ equivalent of Topple. The difference is that instead of needing to reach a certain height with your shapes, you must stack them so they stay upright for three seconds. This can get tricky, especially when you start dealing with round shapes.

Birds should look out for falling objects.

In order to truly complete a level in the game’s terms, you must complete it twice, touching all the stars with a building block or the blue star circle each time. We enjoyed the challenge of doing it once, but having to repeat puzzles isn’t exactly what we’d call exciting.

All of this is good, but the icing on the cake is how PressOK decided to handle the online leaderboards. They’re reset on a weekly basis, so you can check how you stack up against the week’s strongest competitors. The best part, however, is that it also compiles your score into weekly world champions and, if you live in the US, weekly national champions lists. It’ll be interesting to see which countries and states have the best Finger Physics players.

This version of Finger Physics retains the same graphical style as before. It looks like a poster board, with colorful, hand-drawn cutouts taped all over it.

If you are interested in trying the game, first check out the freemium version of Finger Physics. If you enjoy that, certainly consider this game. Although it already has a total of 65 puzzles, the developers are promising more for free in a future update. This should keep the unique leaderboards alive and well. Now go fight for your country, soldiers!

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