Finger Physics: Thumb Wars

Finger Physics: Thumb Wars is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Finger Physics: Thumb Wars Exclusive Hands-On Preview

Finger Physics wasn’t the type of game we’d expect to cause international conflict. While the sequel maintains the peaceful settings of the first game, Finger Physics: Thumb Wars will let you compete with other nations on a global scale.

Finger Physics: Thumb Wars, like its predecessor, is based on two main types of gameplay: gravity puzzles, where you must break blocks to help an object reach a target, and balance puzzles, where you must stack objects and keep them steady. We’ve seen these gameplay types before in Saving Private Sheep and Perfect Balance, but Finger Physics keeps it all in one neat package.

And this time around, the package is even neater. The diorama-style backgrounds return, offering the illusion that you’re playing with real objects on a stage. This time, you’re also assisted by anthropomorphic thumbs that take the roles of a country bumpkin or steely drill sergeant.

But the most interesting addition to Finger Physics: Thumb Wars is the worldwide scoreboard. In addition to OpenFeint high scores, you can choose a “team” based on your country or state. High scores from your team will be added up, so it raises the stakes quite a bit. A map of the world on the main title screen will remind you where your country ranks every time you start playing.

We counted 65 levels in our build of the game, not including tutorial levels, and national pride may motivate us to replay them to earn the highest possible score for our team. The game still feels like the original when you jump into a puzzle, but we enjoyed the look and feel of the first game, and Thumb Wars doesn’t try to change that.

Finger Physics: Thumb Wars will be out on the App Store later this month, so prepare your nation for launch. Your country’s pride may be at stake.

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