Finalists Named in Atari’s Pong Indie Developer Challenge

A leopard can’t change its spots, but as it turns out, a Pong paddle can change its shape and purpose. Earlier this year, Atari challenged indie developers to re-invent Pong in honor of Atari’s 40th anniversary. Several developers rose up to the challenge, and Atari posted the finalists yesterday. Go cast your vote, and give these ladies and gentlemen a hearty ‘Blip! Blip! Bloooop!’

The selected finalists are already winners in many regards: Atari will be awarding them with three-year revenue share publishing agreements, as well as cash prizes according to where they rank when the final votes are tallied. The first place developer gets to take home $50,000 and gets to hang out with the Pong ball for a day. Okay, so they don’t get to hang out with the Pong ball, which is too bad because the guy can use a little loosening up. He’s totally square.

If you want to check out the finalists and observe their proposals for New Pong (sure to be even bigger than New Coke!), visit Atari’s contest website.

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