Final Fight

Final Fight is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Final Fight Review

Capcom has a long history of re-releasing their games, usually with the addition of ‘Super’, or ‘Ultra’, or some other exciting moniker. Over the years, they’ve also comfortably fallen into the habit of releasing retro packs. The free Capcom Arcade app is a great example of retro fun on the iPhone, but now the company in their infinite, retread wisdom has started re-releasing these retro games again. Such is the case with Final Fight.

Final Fight is one of the arcade classics included in Capcom Arcade and now it’s been released to the wild on its own. This would be fine if there were some major additions to the now 20+ year-old game. The biggest enhancement here compared to the Capcom Arcade version is that Final Fight now takes up most of the real estate of your screen. Admittedly, this also means that the virtual controls obscure even more of the action.

Andre the Giant?

Multiplayer is only supported locally and isn’t compatible with the Capcom Arcade version of Final Fight, so good luck ever playing that way. The app isn’t universal, so iPad owners are stuck magnifying the screen– though it is easier to play on the larger screen. Oddly, while Capcom Arcade works with older devices, this version only supports iPhone 3GS and newer hardware.

Beyond that, this is the same game it’s always been. Lovers of classic arcade games and beat ‘˜em ups have always held Final Fight in high regard. It’s simple to play, challenging, and full of colorful, over-the-top action. The virtual controls might not be a replacement for a real arcade stick, but are generally responsive.

With so few enhancements over the Capcom Arcade edition of Final Fight, there’s little reason to spend money just for a standalone version. Even diehard retro fans will be hard-pressed to find a reason to spend the extra money. For those who do, this is certainly a decent port, but then, so was the Capcom Arcade version.

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