FINAL FANTASY XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery

FINAL FANTASY XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Final Fantasy XIII Photo Gallery Released, Is Expensive

If you are so obsessed with Final Fantasy XIII that you feel the constant urge to ogle art from the game every second of every day, then the app of your dreams has just been released: Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery. If, on the other hand, you think $8.99 is way too much for this privilege, then your dreams have just been shattered.

Sporting “ultra-high resolution” images that let you “discover hidden minutiae like eye colors, clothing materials, and the brilliant luster of accessories!”, this app lets you zoom in on and pan around the images to your heart’s content. Too bad the images are trapped on a 3.5-inch screen. All of might be palatable if the app didn’t ring in at a price most gamers would cringe at even if it were a playable game.

So far only a few App Store reviews have rolled in, but they decry the app for having too few photos. We’re not sure how many actually come packaged in, but that information makes the already-expensive app seem even less appealing.

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